Saturday, February 4, 2017


I found out that there’s been seventeen weddings in White House.  Not all weddings were from the immediate families. Here’s the list.  I find it quite interesting, actually, the names of the participants. There were a number of weddings held at a different location with receptions held at the White House.  Jenna Bush is the latest of the brides whose reception was held there.

March 29, 1812

Lucy Payne Washington (Dolley Madison’s sister)married Thomas Todd on the State Floor, probably in the Blue Room.

March 9, 1820.
Maria Hester Monroe (daughter of President and Mrs.James Monroe) married Samuel Lawrence Gouvemeur (Mrs. Monroe’s nephew) on the State Floor, probably in the Blue Room.

February 25, 1828

John Adams (son of President and Mrs. John Quincy Adams) married Mary Catherine Hellen (Mrs. Adams’niece) in the Blue Room.

April 10, 1832

Mary A Eastin (Rachel Jackson’s niece) married Lucius J. Polk in the East Room.
November 29, 1832
Mary Anne Lewis (daughter of a close friend of President Andrew Jackson) married Alphonse Pageot in the East Room.
January 31, 1842
Elizabeth Tyler (daughter of President and Mrs. John Tyler) married William Waller in the East Room.
May 21, 1874
Nellie Grant (daughter of President and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant) married Algernon Sartoris in the East Room.
 June, 1878

Emily Platt (niece of Lucy Hayes) married Russell Hastings in the Blue Room.

June 2, 1886

President Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom in the Blue Room.
February 17, 1906
Alice Lee Roosevelt (daughter of President and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt) married Nicholas Longworth in the East Room.
November 25, 1913
Jessie Woodrow Wilson (daughter of President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson) married Bowes Sayre in the East Room.
 May 7, 1914

Eleanor Randolph Wilson (daughter of President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson) married William Gibbs McAdoo in the Blue Room.

August 7, 1918

Alice Wilson (niece of President Woodrow Wilson) married Isaac Stuart McElroy, Jr., in the Blue Room.
July 30, 1942
Harry Hopkins (assistant to President Franklin D. Roosevelt) married Louise Gill Macy in the Second Floor Oval Room (then the president’s study).
December 9, 1967
Lynda Bird Johnson (daughter of President and Mrs. Johnson) married Charles Spittal Robb in the East Room.

June 12, 1971
Tricia Nixon (daughter of President and Mrs. Richard Nixon) married Edward Finch Cox in the Rose Garden.

Guess who the older woman is?  If you guessed Alice Roosevelt, you were correct.

May 28, 1994
Anthony Rodham (brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton) married Nicole Boxer in the Rose Garden.

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