Saturday, February 10, 2018

Martha and George Washington's Wedding

January 6, 1759-December 14,1799

Mutual respect and admiration for each other drew Martha Custis and George Washington together as a couple. Martha was newly widowed and a wealthy landowner who didn’t need a husband at the time to survive. Both George and Martha found a trustworthy and charming mate and someone to love.

Martha ordered her finery from London. She ordered brilliant purple shoes and a dress not to ‘extravagant’ since she was still in mourning.

Made of purple silk, these shoes are believed to have been worn by Martha Dandridge Custis during her wedding to George Washington. They not only reflect Martha’s status as a wealthy widow but also her youthful exuberance. (Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association)

This garnet necklace dates to the beginning of Martha’s marriage to George Washington. It was probably part of a shipment of jewelry from London that arrived in 1759. Garnets were common among the jewelry Martha purchased in the 1750s and 1760s, as they were one of the most fashionable of gemstones at the time. (Mount Vernon Ladies' Association)

George renovated Mount Vernon which he’d inherited from a half-brother and sister-in-law who died suddenly.  It’s a beautiful mansion. We saw it a number of years ago and I would love to return to experience another tour of it. It’s absolutely beautiful and right on the Potomac River.  Last summer we took a ferryboat ride on the Potomac and got to the monuments, that was also spectacular.

It’s time for you to visit our nation’s capital and go tour Mount Vernon, the home of the nation’s first First Lady and Father of our Country.  

Many thanks to Mount Vernon for the photos and information.

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