Sunday, August 23, 2009

The First Ladies and us, the US.

Beautiful or butt ugly, funny or sour, witless or witty, fat or skinny, tall or short, all First Ladies leave an impression. Who was your personal favorite?
As for me, I'm not sure. Maimie Eisenhower was 'in office' when I was born. I thought Jackie Kennedy was beautiful and wispy. I wondered if a strong wind would blow her away, but she sure could protect the family! No one got close to Caroline or John-John. They all had their causes, right from redecorating to spreading seeds along the roadways to make our land more beautiful. Cheers to Ladybird Johnson! They sure knew how to stir up their husband's politcal agenda.
We all have to admit that they've sure added color to the ever changing face of America!


  1. Well, the internet ate my post, but I'd have to say my favorites that i know of were Lady Bird Johnson and Betty Ford. Lady Bird made public beauty OK to appreciate. Without here, there are too few bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes and Black-eyed Susans. Betty Ford put her own pain to work helping others.
    Looking forward to your books!

  2. I think I often like the first lady even when I intensetly dislike the guy she's married to. I think they have a hard job and I admire them. Like Ford--didn't much care for him, but thought Betty a brave woman who did a lot of good. Ditto LBJ, as Lyn said above. I, too, live in TX and appreciate her legacy of wildflowers. What a wonderful and lasting cause!

  3. I think you and I should be e-acquainted. I have written a few books on the First Ladies - and we could chat a little. What do you think?

    Feather Schwartz Foster